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Develop your Drum Majors into Visionaries
What We Do
Visions is a year-round, comprehensive leadership development program for your high school drum majors in Southwest Ohio. In the 6-week Visions Drum Major Academy, students meet (virtually and in-person) with other local drum majors to focus on the "human skills" that make highly effective leaders while also learning essential skills specific to drum majors.
Drum majors collaborate throughout the year in virtual "Mastermind Groups" to problem solve, learn from guest speakers, and keep each other accountable to their SMART goals as they apply their leadership in your band program. Curriculum includes learning about leadership, productivity, confrontation, service, and character from the writings of some of the greatest minds in leadership and high performance like Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, Simon Sinek, Jacko Willink, Josh Waitzkin, and Chris Voss. Visions provides long-term support and engagement to your most promising students to help cultivate the passion for leading in your programs and for the rest of their lives.

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Visions Drum Major Academy (+ Mastermind)
Through weekly meetings, Visionaries develop a love and application of leadership and “human skills” - service, organization, communication, confrontation - with essential drum major skills like conducting and score study



  • 6 weeks of instruction
  • 6 virtual lessons
  • 2 in person mini-camps with conducting and lab band experiences
  • Visions Personal Planner
  • Visionscast Podcast



  • Everything Included in Basic Plan
  • School specific conducting lesson
  • 4 Mastermind sessions in-season
  • 4 Mastermind sessions post-season
  • 2 Leadership Lessons



  • Everything Included in Advanced Plan
  • 8 (total) Mastermind sessions in-season
  • 8 (total) Mastermind sessions post-season
  • 1 Drum Major team wellness check
  • Individual conducting lesson
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Visions Mastermind Groups
Visions Drum Majors collaborate, problem solve, and continue to develop as leaders in these 1-hour, virtual sessions. Leadership can be isolating for your most talented, high achieving, and special HS students and we know there is more to be done than just molding effective drum majors. What if the “Drum Major'' was the vehicle to send out visionaries and world-changers? This discovery takes consistent support and time while in community with like-minded leaders.



  • 4 Mastermind sessions in-season
  • 4 Mastermind sessions post-season



  • Everything Included in Basic Plan
  • 8 (total) Mastermind sessions in-season



  • Everything Included in Advanced Plan
  • 8 (total) Mastermind sessions post-season
  • 1 Drum Major team wellness check
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Learn by doing, not by watching

Visionaries get more done by focusing on what is most important by building rhythms of planning, executing, and reflecting. Place your drum majors alongside rock stars who will push, encourage, and refine them as they pursue their goals in music, leadership, and life throughout the entire year.

Access an esteemed network

Visionaries gain access to Mastermind Groups with other like-minded student leaders where they collaborate, problem solve, and grow. Leadership Lessons throughout the year presented by the best local music educators will continue to hone their leadership.

Set Your Students Apart

Give your most talented, high achieving, and special students the tools they need as they embark on a lifetime of leadership.

Improve Efficiency and Performance

Weekly meetings are designed to help Visionaries execute their aspirations by breaking them into actionable steps. Drum major team Wellness Checks during the season provide support and keep the team running smoothly.

Learn Meaningful Communication

In the small settings of the Mastermind Group, students build deeper relationships with local Visionaries. They will learn, fail, and sharpen others with similar mindsets and goals

Focus on What is Most Important

Drum majors need competence in the technical skills like conducting, score study, and marching technique. Good drum majors also are competent in the human skills like listening, empathy, and effective confrontation. Visionaries, while simultaneously learning the technical skills and the human skills, intentionally develop virtues like patience, integrity, humility, forgiveness, courage, self discipline, selflessness, and teachability.

About Visions

Jordan Habel

When I was a drum major, I took the role very seriously. I always had to be a role model because I was told there was always someone watching.

I invented an unrealistic, crushing expectation for myself and went through depression that I felt I should keep to myself. After all, I was a Drum Major. Didn’t I have to be perfect? These misguided thoughts were conceived in the isolation that often comes with leadership.

As you think of preparing your most talented, high achieving, and special high school students, just molding effective drum majors neglects the bigger and more important picture - nurturing the well being and guiding the trajectory of incredible young people. For your students, this discovery and support takes time.

What if the role of “drum major” had less to do with leading your marching bands and instead was meant to train and send out visionaries and world-changers? Visionaries who can attribute the start of their leadership journey to your band. Wouldn’t this development be better accomplished over an entire year of community and mentorship?

The time we have to teach our students is short - and this time also happens to be one of the most formative in their lives. Visions was born from a desire to keep leaders out of the isolation I felt, but it exists to constantly push them to see their present situations as opportunities to cast vision for their future.

We are not training drum majors. We are training Visionaries. Will you join me?

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100% of Visions Drum Majors would recommend the academy to future DM's!
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Developing leadership in others
Collaborating with my drum major team
Positively handling social situations without involving the director
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Dalan Toups

Wilmington High School

Visions helped me understand what it takes to be drum major and make connections with drum majors from different schools. Do Visions! It's fun!

Nicholas Suman

Hamilton High School

Visions is very personal, that's what I love about it. Mr. Habel genuinely wants to see you improve and actively loves doing this and it's comforting to know the drum majors. It relieved a lot of my stress conducting-wise and has prepared me going into band camp.

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Jordan Habel



Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.


A person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

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